Sexual Addiction

  • The Sex Addiction Cycle
    It’s better to be safe than hurt someone.
  • The Darkest Things
    I’m all for honesty, but sometimes you hold things close to you, not because you are waiting for a moment to pounce or waiting for that time to let it all fly… no, most folks have skeletons and icky things stored away in various nooks and crannies because revealing them would scare most folk.
  • Stop it already…
    The same applies to relationships… yes, even for a sexual addict. There are certain things a sexual addict needs in relationships. It may surprise you that sex is at the bottom of that list.. if it is on the list at all. You see, like people (making a sideways joke here about how people view…) sex offenders need love, shelter, food, etc. Really, our needs pyramid is not any different from a non-addicted individual.
  • Sex Offender Grief: The Most Annoying Thing in 8 Paragraphs
    Then there is the last class: the predator.  See where I am going here?  We already know by their label that they are deep in the throes of addiction