This site is intended to be a conversation.  Since conversation can be in many forms, there will be a number of ways to explore. In the past, we have chosen to limit communication to a one-way discourse through comment-free blog entries. However, now that there are a few posts to read and a few pages to view, we have opened up the posts to comments. So, please feel free to view anything on the site, read the stories, and join us in talking about the data we present.

As we progress through this conversation there will be many opportunities for feedback from which we can all benefit.  While we recognize that the most positive form of feedback is that which seeks to understand, there are those among us that understanding arrives through combative interaction. We will allow for that type of discourse in the future, but it will be extremely limited.

So… welcome.  Please look around, and allow us to invite you into our space, beat on the walls, test the foundation, and even pound on the floors to see what exactly we can learn from each other.

You are in our space now.  Please be respectful, learn, grow, and allow us to do the same.

Let’s have a conversation.