What did he say?

Sometimes I talk too fast.  I just say what comes into my mind, so let me just apologize for my previous post that was completely incorrect at the introduction.  I could go back to revise it, but I would rather have the conversation than just quiet anyone who would comment on what was wrong about what I said. […]

Quarterly Reporting

I will finish this work at some point.  But for now, let’s just say that the way the laws are currently written and the way my conviction was written binds me to personally and in-person reporting the specific details of my life (address, job, contact information, online identifiers, etc.) to law enforcement every three months. […]

The Most Annoying Thing

You might say that I am rather opinionated and also introverted which is a weird combination.  The result of that is what occurs is that my opinions come out all at once and in a jumble that I have already worked out in my mind. So they make sense to me but sound funny or […]