Step 0 – The Longest Step

This is an incomplete article.  Please check back for updates regularly.     I am a real person who has been convicted of a sexual offense.  I have hurt people, and this is the story about how I got to my current state of being, not only physically, but socially, legally, mentally, and spiritually.  What […]

About Sex Addicts Anonymous

This article is not yet finalized SAA or Sex Addicts Anonymous is an organization that seeks to help the sexually addicted individual to continually and progressively seek help in managing their addiction.  In their words:</p> <blockquote> <p> A fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other so they […]

What did he say?

Sometimes I talk too fast.  I just say what comes into my mind, so let me just apologize for my previous post that was completely incorrect at the introduction.  I could go back to revise it, but I would rather have the conversation than just quiet anyone who would comment on what was wrong about what I said. […]

Quarterly Reporting

I will finish this work at some point.  But for now, let’s just say that the way the laws are currently written and the way my conviction was written binds me to personally and in-person reporting the specific details of my life (address, job, contact information, online identifiers, etc.) to law enforcement every three months. […]

The Darkest Things

I’m all for honesty, but sometimes you hold things close to you, not because you are waiting for a moment to pounce or waiting for that time to let it all fly… no, most folks have skeletons and icky things stored away in various nooks and crannies because revealing them would scare most folk.

Stop it already…

The same applies to relationships… yes, even for a sexual addict. There are certain things a sexual addict needs in relationships. It may surprise you that sex is at the bottom of that list.. if it is on the list at all. You see, like people (making a sideways joke here about how people view…) sex offenders need love, shelter, food, etc. Really, our needs pyramid is not any different from a non-addicted individual.

Hello world!

You might think this is the canned post that comes with every web site installation, and you would be right! However, when reading this, it came to mind that this might be a good introduction to our initiative. One where we would be essentially saying, “Hi! Here we are.” It is a very vulnerable place […]